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Our professional and reliability into customs procedures allow us to find concrete solutions for every type of need.


Customs department is the basis of our company.
Our skilled staff and our organization allow us to always offer the best solution for any kind of request.
The consulting linked to each request looks at the right customs category choice and customs procedure on the ground of client need.
Highly qualified staff is at your disposal in order to solve any customs and fiscal request related to import or export of your goods.
Our team of highly trained experts are dedicated to offer best solution according to different and particular customers needs.
We ship goods into containers quickly and safely through an active network able to reach major port of Italy.
We follow shipment step by step from pick up to final delivery, we give quick and exhaustive replies for any kind of problem.
We are also able to make quality control on goods.
The company relies on international agents among major ports anywhere in the world.


  • Export/Import/transit customs procedures
  • Customs clearance among customs,harbor office,tax investigation force,border police force
  • Assistance for loading, landing and transit authorization for dangerous goods
  • Connection with Italian ministry of finance
  • Electronic transmission EDI
  • Temporary import
  • Temporary export
  • Intrastat model assistance
  • Fiscal assistance
  • Import/Export license request
  • Certificate of origin request
  • Evaluation of letters of credit
  • Cargo insurance